We are inventors and product designers who come from families of manual laborers. In the past fifteen years, we saw our fathers’ quality of life decreased, due to the demand of their jobs. This inspired our vision for replacing industrial age safety solutions with breakthrough technologies that help laborers be stronger and more durable. Society, industries and businesses will benefit by having a stronger and happier workforce.

Our Strong Arm Vest is a patent- pending load distribution device that removes the injury-causing loads from the weaker hands, arms neck and lower back, and distributes those forces to stronger more capable areas of the torso. The Strong Arm Vest redirects lifting-load forces and places them on strategic pressure points of the lifter's back and torso. Most importantly, the Strong Arm Vest places the lifter into a proper lifting posture, minimizing and/or avoiding potential back injury.

We're the sons of manual laborers. We're the children of a design generation.

We come from families of construction workers, where risk of injury, overexertion and death are part of the job. We watched our fathers' bodies take a beating from the physical demand of their jobs.

We're dedicated to improving the quality of the lives of manual laborers like our fathers. We'll strengthen our workforce, so that workers can work longer and more safely.

Strong Arm at Mass Challenge


At Strong Arm we're developing a product for our end-users. The most efficient way for us to get the product refinement feedback we need is by working alongside our users themselves. In our product refinement phase we're going to work with 20 companies over the course of a year to obtain the hands-on user feedback that will make the superior product we're developing into a reality.

The Strong Arm trial test is a 2-5 day study in which a member of our team tests 7 strong arm vests on an interested customer.

Trial Test Requirements:
7-10 willing and able volunteers
1 focus group room
In depth interviews with leading researchers.

Trial Test Process:
15 minute: introduction and information
15 minutes of fitting
6+ hours of use with Strong Arm Vest